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Jumaat, 11 Mac 2011

Hang Out....

On March 11, 2011, at 3:00 pm..
me and my friends have gone out into the city,
they are Yune, Ika, Yani, Dewi and Fiza,

The first place we go is the McD ..
We are sent by our driver that Abang Mie ...

After we finished eating ..
We went sightseeing in Sura Gate is located in the center of
town Dungun ...

Many also our shopping that day ...
especially Yune the purchase of two pairs of ladies shoes,
while Ika, and the Dewi is also a pair of ladies shoes ..
At exactly 6:15 pm we went back to the hostel ...

Memories With...


Yune.. I borrow your roommates
Dewi,Ika and Fiza
Posing in
Had more posing

Posing in Sura Gate

To Yune, Ika, Yani, Dewi and Fiza
I am very happy to come out with all of you are ...
But it must be the best if you have my roommates (Nana) ..
Love you all...

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